May 4, 2011

  • …….

    *My brother is doing a little better today, still heavily sedated and still in ICU but they are talking about moving him to a room by end of the week, please keep praying.

    * I was already behind on things around the house before my brothers accident and things have only gotten worse, I tend to shut down during crisis but I know this so after a few days I can usually pull myself out of it. 

    *today I’m working on catching up around the house and no better way to do it than post some embarrassing messy house pic’s, just like the “old days” of blogging *lol*



    And now that you’ve seen it at it’s worst (well maybe not it’s worst but pretty bad)  I’m off to clean : )

May 3, 2011

  • Prayers needed

    Saturday morning I found out that my brother had been in an accident in SC, Sunday morning I put my Mom on a plane to go and be with him. He’s in Trauma ICU at MCG in Georgia. He’s going to be fine but has a long road of recovery in front of him. I think with 2 kids that would have to go with me it’s better than I stay here and take care of my home and family as well as my Mom’s home and bills while she’s there~ Those of you who do please keep him in your prayers.

April 29, 2011

  • trying this again….

    I know I said I was “back”….. and that was September of last year~ obviously I wasen’t back. ;) Maybe I am this time. Facebook sucked me in but it’s become all politics and politics drive me crazy but my family is still what DRIVES me <3 Some of you, if there are any of you left *lol* Might remember that I left not long after my sister in law started stalking my page~ I feel certain after scanning my footprints that she’s moved her attention to my facebook…. Time will tell. For any of you who are still around from way back when and might be wondering~ not much has changed in our home. We’re still homeschooling~ we’re all just a little older now. Trey is 13 now~ Savannah is 6~ Time sure flies. F (my husband) and I just celebrated 16 years of marriage, I love him more and more everyday. Life is still chaotic for a homeschooling, stay at home mother of 2 with a slight case of OCD and a tad bit of lazy thrown in to mix it all up *lol* It’s my intent is to use this blog to keep me accountable, around the house and with our homeschooling….. I’m looking forward to finding out who’s still around and meeting new friends…. : )

September 3, 2010

  • happy  I keep remembering that I paid for a LIFETIME membership over here……… LOL

January 1, 2010

December 28, 2009

  • Where to start….

    So much to catch up on, think I’ll start with an awesome vacation we took back in October.   Lots of pictures, we had a wonderful time.

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 008.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 006.JPG

    On our way threw NM to California….

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 022.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 023.JPG


    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 033.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 030.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 094.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 093.JPG

    Trey outside the Beverly Hilton, very nice, and we got a great deal on the room

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 091.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 088.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 083.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 139.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 136.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 112.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 105.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 104.JPG

    Hollywood and La Brea Tar Pits

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 100.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 097.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 219.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 243.JPG

    Santa Monica

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 236.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 195.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 190.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 180.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 229.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 173.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 163.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 177.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 153.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 161.JPG

     vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 150.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 148.JPG

    vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 121.JPG   vacation 10-09 Day 1-3 136.JPG

    And now we’re in Las Vegas….

    vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 070.JPG   vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 073.JPG

    vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 054.JPG   vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 056.JPG

    vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 057.JPG   vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 062.JPG

    vacation 10-09 day 3 and 4 068.JPG   vacation 2009 043.JPG

    vacation 2009 038.JPG   vacation 2009 048.JPG

    vacation 2009 052.JPG   vacation 2009 048.JPG

    vacation 10-09, day 5 043.JPG   vacation 10-09, day 5 041.JPG

    vacation 2009 010.JPG   vacation 2009 015.JPG

    vacation 10-09, day 5 023.JPG   vacation 10-09, day 5 020.JPG

    vacation 10-09, day 5 013.JPG   vacation 10-09, day 5 015.JPG

    and on the way back to Texas…..

    vacation 2009 082.JPG   vacation 2009 092.JPG 

    We had a great time, seen lots of places for the first time.  Loved California and the Beverly Hilton, loved the resort in Vegas….. not much of a “kids destination” so that’s where we spent most of our time but we did check out a couple shows at Circus Circus and of course the Hoover Dam  

    I even left Vegas in a new car *lol*  No I didn’t win it (didn’t gamble) , my sweet husband decided to trade mine in while we were there  

December 23, 2009

  • I’m back…. honest ;-)

    I miss xanga, I miss my xanga friends, I miss wide open spaces to write (something facebooks not really known for)  I admit i let a stalker run me off, she still comes about once a week….. even though I’ve not kept up here for close to a year…. But instead of letting her run me off, i’m going to be exactly who I am and if she continues to show up I’ll be flattered instead of aggravated.  You know who you are, I’m not sure what your deal is??  But I choose to believe you come here because DEEP down you wish we’d gotten off to a better start almost 17 years ago, that you wish we were friends, that you regret some of the things you’ve done in the past, that you have alienated me and in return your brother and our children.  If you ever find yourself wanting to reach out and start over with a genuine heart, then you know where to find me….. If not then you can continue to stalk this here blog and of course facebook  

    Now that’s out of the way….  I have alot of goals I want to accomplish this year, alot of things we did this past year that I’m proud of and I want someone to share it with so guess what xanga???  *lol*  You’re the lucky internet friends I’ve chosen   I promise I’ll be back with a better update within the next few days, hope some of my old friends are still around

December 1, 2009

September 16, 2009

September 11, 2009

  •  ** I participated in this project a couple years ago, sense then I think of him and his family every year.  I will never forget**


    **Original post, 9-11-06






    Edward P Felt

    November 9, 1959-September 11, 2001


    On September 11, 2001 we as a nation lost thousands of our brothers and sisters in a moment that will never be forgotten.   


    Edward P. Felt was among those lost that day.  He was a passenger on United Airlines flight 93 traveling on business.   Edward was a loving husband to Sandy and father to two wonderful children, Adrienne and Kathryn. 


    Mr. Felt earned a bachelors degree in 1981 from Colgate University and in 1983 he earned a Masters degree from Cornell University. 

    At the time of his death he worked for BEA Systems and below is the press release they issued just after his death.


    The BEA family has suffered the tragic loss of two of its employees. Ed Felt, one of our first employees, best engineers, and most respected and loved colleagues, died in the crash of United Airlines Flight 93. Ed, a senior architect based in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, was one of the original members of the BEA Tuxedo team, and was instrumental in making that product so successful. In fact, this past August Ed was awarded a U.S. Patent for “Method of Authentication Based on Intersection of Password Sets”. He was a mentor and friend to many of us, and an inspiration to all.”


    BEA later named one of their office buildings after Mr. Felt.



    In the last few weeks I’ve struggled with how to truly honor a man I never knew, after a quick search on goggle and an exchange of email between Adrianne and myself, I found that Adrianne seems to have followed in her brilliant father’s footsteps.  She and her sister are the perfect tribute to their father.


    Adrienne is studying for her BS in Computer Science and Mathematics at University and will graduate in 2008.  Instead of spending Spring Break on the beaches of Cabo or in some other tropical local, she spent spring break here  Alternative Spring Break  teaching english in a rural school and helping at the orphanage there.

    In her free time she teaches English to Spanish speaking immigrants and general studies to Middle School age children in Charlottesville.


    Adrienne is a strong intelligent young woman who I’m sure makes her father proud everyday.  I expect in a few years to read another tribute telling of the accomplishments of his younger daughter Kathryn.   


    It’s been said, children learn what they live, Edward Felt lead by example and along with his wife Sandy raised two wonderful children.  A part of him will live on in his two girls forever.








    Visit 2,996 to read over 3,400 other personal tributes to those lost on 9/11.